If you are considering a life in music, you must first put yourself in a position to succeed.

Erica James Band

Most artists don’t know how the music business works when starting out. In fact, the majority of the time artists don’t even know where to begin. Unless they know someone with industry experience, grew up in the business or are related to someone in the industry, most artists will spend several productive years learning how things work. Trying to learn on the fly can cause artists to lose valuable time that could be spent honing their craft. Or, they’ll get bad, biased information, opinion and/or direction from unqualified individuals: friends, family members, lovers, etc.



In many cases those giving direction have no experience, have a relationship with the artist that prevents objectivity or are setting themselves up to get a piece of the artist if & when any quantifiable success is achieved. The “learn as you go” process can also impact the creative process, thereby affecting the finished music if the stress of the learning curve proves to be too much for the artist.



D and Chi

In today’s world knowing the business is almost as important as the music itself. What good is having amazing songs if nobody hears them? Collins Park Artist GPS gives aspiring artists and potential business personnel a place to learn how the music industry operates and offers consultation on maximizing their potential. Reaching the greatest audience possible is best achieved by having a plan, which is developed through the knowledge and enlightenment offered in the available sessions.



By covering a diversity of topics ranging from profiles of various businesses within the industry to promotion, marketing, recording and media training, artists will be prepared for a life in music and will gain the confidence necessary to make good decisions when opportunities present themselves. In addition, knowing how things work perpetuates healthy business relationships and prevents bitter endings to partnerships. Throughout the history of the music business bad deals that were thought to be good-faith commitments have led to litigation and animosity between collaborators and partners because the artists didn’t know any better.

Take the time to protect yourself and your current and future status by learning as much as you can now.