Record Company Composition & Profile

Learn how a typical major record label is assembled. The hierarchy, what the various departments do, who decides which acts get signed. Also, see who decides where a record stacks up in the labels’ priorities, how the music is promoted & marketed and who’s ultimately responsible for an artists’ success.

Radio: Programming, Research, Charts, Ratings

Most people outside of the industry think the disc jockeys pick the songs that get played on the radio, when nothing could be further from the truth. Every second of every day of a station’s broadcast is scheduled. Learn how songs get on the air, the differences in formats & what makes each format unique; how to determine which format and station you should target, if any. See how playlists are constructed, the different levels of programming, day-parts, rotation breakdown, research, artist separation, etc. Also get guidance on getting noticed by a local station & getting your record on the air.

Charts: Sales and Airplay

Sales and Radio Airplay charts mean different things to different players. Who uses what? Do they influence any important decisions? Find out what decisions are made by chart readers.

Sales and Streaming Revenue

In today’s environment, not everyone wants to own a music collection. For that reason, streaming has become an important source of revenue for artists, as have ring tones & ring backs among others. Knowing the key differences and what to expect from various revenue sources at the most basic level will help keep monetary expectations realistic.

Independent Promotion and Marketing

What are independent promotion & marketing services and are they valuable? Why do record labels use them if they already have their own staffs working a project?


Many artists have an uneducated perception or are generally unaware of what a manager does and does not do. Finding the right person that not only understands your art, but your talent and personality makes a big difference in your career. It’s much more complex than using your brother/cousin/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend to do it. Using an inexperienced friend or relative can lead to debilitating consequences.

The role of a business manager and manager are completely different. Knowing when to hire one is important, and artists subject themselves to loss of revenue if they don’t move at the right time. Having the right attorney is also necessary, and his/her role is different from a business manager. Learn when you should hire both services to protect your interests.

Booking Agents/Touring/Merchandise

Having a good booking agent helps developing artists gain traction in new markets. But how does a new artist get the attention of a booking agent? How does an unknown artist get a gig in a new market without a booking gent? What is the cost of getting merchandise into the venue where an artist performs?

Online Profile: Web & Social Media Content

People today are inundated with unwanted and unsolicited material. There’s a fine line between getting someone’s attention and annoying them. The key to getting noticed is knowing how to make an impact and creating interest without being just another negative distraction wasting peoples’ time. Learn how to connect with and grow an audience in order to rise above the clutter.


Publishing is one of the biggest & most consistent sources of revenue in the business, which is why inexperienced songwriters & artists sign bad deals. Learn the do’s & don’ts of publishing & how to protect yourself. Most artists have to give some publishing away on their climb up the ladder to success, but knowing the right moves to protect themselves is a necessity.

Recording Contracts

After getting noticed, knowing what kinds of deals are being offered by labels is imperative, or if signing a deal even makes sense with the individual artist. Each case is different, and the big picture must be considered since royalty rates, length of terms, ownership of masters and publishing all come into play.


Money can be made by getting music on TV shows, commercials, films and video games. Understand how it works.

Studio Recording

Software allows anyone to make a record in their bedroom these days, but creating a recording of the highest quality in a studio is invaluable. Learn why getting the recording, mixing & mastering right is still important.

Media Training/Imaging

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression; making a good one and maintaining a positive profile with the media matters. It’s very important to be captivating with members of the media and to make sure everyone you interact with remembers you in a positive light. The mileage an artist can get out of this can’t be overstated. Tailor your image to fit your music and message in order to maximize your potential.


Many multi-platinum artists have become dependent on corporate endorsements to make up for the decline of physical sales over the years. While some in the industry see it as a sell-out, others see it as a necessity. But where do developing artists fit into the formula? Most don’t even get the chance to weigh in on the issue, but there are ways to find deals that can help promote your artistry and lower your out-of-pocket expenditures before stardom.